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More on #Rhizo15 and Introverts

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This concept, a generalization that I believe Deleuze would scoff at, sprouted a new tuber in our broken chain of unbroken links. Read the conversation in its closest I could come to recreating: 

It isn't extro or intro, its self-programmable

How can any self-proclaimed introvert or extrovert claim this isn't a place where they can learn. Look at the many landscapes of knowledge this thread traversed. We went from Cain and introverts, through Descartes, to a podcaster a roped in, and landed on Marina Funes of fame.

In the space of trying to figure if we could learn we did learn. I think the difference boils down to what Castells and Cardosa call the self-programmable learner. They argue a network society requires a new network fluidity. I think extroverts and introverts, which I argue are identities we project and have projected upon us, are inconsequential. Both can suck at these distributed learning spaces. I do think many introverts may find these spaces safer, or freeing, to play

Tyranny of Tools

It can be intimidating to watch the number of tools abound in our space. I still stand in awe watching dogtrax work. He has the special sauce. Luckily the tool does not matter. I care not for the medium or mode, but for the message. Yes we do learn how to bend our message with the latest doohickey whatchyamacallit, but you can get your message across in plain text if you desire.

To survive try not to even master all the multimodal meaning making. Enjoy it. Pick one or two mentor texts. Poach ideas. Steal designs. Try to learn one or two new ways to express yourself

Rachel is right. Be out here in your own way. (re)Design your own learning space based on your subjectives. You can survive no matter how you vert.

Tyranny of the Swarm

Someone in another post, brought up swarms. I don't think human swarms are good. I worry if the swarm of folks who travel like locusts from each experience if we crowd out the space. JPG talks about many portals of entry to Affinity Spaces. I hope my backside isn't blocking the door.

Should more experienced self-programmable learners hold back? Or are we simply modeling increased level of participation? I don't know the answer just know I want to help, teach, and learn.

To this end I will be meeting with Rachel and anyone else who wants to learn about how to move to a self-hosted blog. Details to be worked out.

Co-designing self-programmable learners

If you figure this out please tell me. Part of my subjectives.