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A comment left to @cogdog on content in and

As someone who participated in . I thought I would throw in my comments. I got a lot out of but completed very little of the pre-ordained content. Which is a shame because I wish I had the capacity to have dove into the the work around audio and video storytelling.

As a result of now have many more blogs I update and created a portfolio for an edtech award (which I lost because the reviewers felt I didn’t put any effort in my application since I didn’t have binders full of tech). I did little of the assigned content. Like every MOOC I do I quit early after taking what I need.

Maybe content as people is the wrong metaphor. Maybe its community. If we define community as the people and activity they create together. Communities take leaders and your “trigger events” helped to organize different pathways.

Maybe its content as pathways. I poach the idea of multiple landscapes of knowledge from Wittgenstein all the time. Your trigger is the starting gate but where we go from there is up to us.

I do wonder if these more open pathways only work when the content is what Rand Spiro calls ill-defined domains. I love the post-modern theories but then I always get back to the hard sciences and math.

I do think we can create pathways that allow folks to gravitate to well-defined domains of knowledge that may require less off-roading.